Anjan Dutt - Neel Dutt LIVE, 3rd May, 2020, Capstone Theatre, Liverpool, 2 p.m. onwards.

About Us:

We are a charitable organisation based at Liverpool, founded in 1976 by few Bengalis under the name of "Liverpool Puja Committee"

This was the first Durga Puja out side London in North West of England .The festival grew in strength & momentum with every passing year. The name was changed to "Bengali Association of Merseyside & North of England" in early 1980s as many members were from in and around Liverpool, Merseyside and North West of England.

We have successfully celebrated our 43th Anniversary of Durga Puja and looking forward towards our 44th Puja and many more in future. We currently have over 500 members. All our religious functions are celebrated in a traditional way according to Tithi by our devoted Priest along with our dedicated members.

Liverpool Durga Puja is one of the oldest puja in UK and has an excellent reputation. Liverpool Puja is not only the centre of admiration for the people of UK but from all over the world.